Friday, August 21, 2009

Pin the Comment on the LO!

And to help Haynay Celebrate I'm hosting a game right here! It's called Pin the Comment on the LO!

OK, here we go! Are you ready to have some fun! I hope so, because I have had lots creating it. Here's how to play:

1. Read a clue (below).

2. Browse through Haynay's LO Gallery at ScrapMatters (Hint: the LO's will be within the first 4 pages if you have the forum set to show 90 images).

3. Identify the correct LO per the clue.

4. Leave a comment - make sure to include that you've been pinned!

You will get 1 chance per correct "Pinned LO" with a maximum of 5 chances (5 total LO's to pin) entered into a drawing for a $5.50 GC to Haynay's Store!

How fun is that? Well, are you ready???

Here are the clues!

1. Splotches of paint & a bundle of crayons surrounding 4 generations - give them a hand!

2. Outdoors the sun is shining on a tree & beads on a string all the while dinner is being made.

3. Pine leaves, buttons w/ bows & ornaments corner a Santa hat wearing toddler.

4. A bright smile says it all, with a background and multicolored title are totally cheddar!

5. Stripes & polka dots behind goofy thrill seekers on this up & down ride!

Go get 'em!!

To see what else Haynay & the other Hunnies have planned go visit Haynay's Blog.

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