Monday, August 24, 2009

Speed Scrap on Tuesday!

Here's the fabulous Participation Prize:
I'm hoping to be there!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pin the Comment on the LO!

And to help Haynay Celebrate I'm hosting a game right here! It's called Pin the Comment on the LO!

OK, here we go! Are you ready to have some fun! I hope so, because I have had lots creating it. Here's how to play:

1. Read a clue (below).

2. Browse through Haynay's LO Gallery at ScrapMatters (Hint: the LO's will be within the first 4 pages if you have the forum set to show 90 images).

3. Identify the correct LO per the clue.

4. Leave a comment - make sure to include that you've been pinned!

You will get 1 chance per correct "Pinned LO" with a maximum of 5 chances (5 total LO's to pin) entered into a drawing for a $5.50 GC to Haynay's Store!

How fun is that? Well, are you ready???

Here are the clues!

1. Splotches of paint & a bundle of crayons surrounding 4 generations - give them a hand!

2. Outdoors the sun is shining on a tree & beads on a string all the while dinner is being made.

3. Pine leaves, buttons w/ bows & ornaments corner a Santa hat wearing toddler.

4. A bright smile says it all, with a background and multicolored title are totally cheddar!

5. Stripes & polka dots behind goofy thrill seekers on this up & down ride!

Go get 'em!!

To see what else Haynay & the other Hunnies have planned go visit Haynay's Blog.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

DSA 4 Among Other Things

I've been a pretty busy scrapper this month. I consider myself in training for QOS at SM next May. QOS is Queen of Scrap. And . . . I am just kidding. DH would not be a happy camper if I tried to complete over 200 layouts in one month! This past May I complete about 75 pages, with approximately 58 of them for the cookbook I gave my sister for her wedding.
Honestly I have been quite busy scrapping. Chelle whipped up a super cute kit with Sarah Bennet called Wild Oats. It was perfect for the County Fair photos I have of the kids with all the animals. And awhile back I was able to attend & complete a speed scrap! The directions were awesome & I was able to make this beauty of the kids enjoying the pool on a hot day.This one I made awhile back. I had an adorable series of photos of DD playing in some of our outdoor equipment. She was too darling!And last but not least, here is the last LO in the BOTCT contest. I really had fun making this one. I had to scraplift two of my teammates in the process. In addition, we all choose to have the same title - "the Pursuit of Happyness" as a play on Happy Scrap Girl, our fearless leader. As I thought about what to journal, I kept coming back to my testimony. Since I've never written it down before it was a perfect opportunity. I am thankful the CT competition is over, it was a bit more stressful than I had expected. I had lots of fun, enjoyed working with the rest of Happy's Scrap Girls & came out with 4 awesome LO's that I don't know if I would have created otherwise. Enough talk for today. We need to get outside & enjoy the sun before the 90degree heat sets in!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DSA Round 3 entry

If you're following the competition, you're probably wondering why I didn't get on & tell you to vote. There happened to be a family emergency & one of our gals couldn't complete her LO. My prayers go out to her & her family.

I guess I wouldn't have mattered if we all had our pages complete, because I forgot to link up my LO in our team forum thread!! UGH! I am a true blonde & had a very blonde moment. Honestly, I haven't quite been myself as far as remembering details go lately. My mind has been occupied by the house we offered on. The offer was not accepted, but I can't get the house out of my head. Here's the LO I created for round 3.

We had to create a formula for the whole team. We also tried having a common theme, but I think with the family emergency we went our own creative ways. He was the formula we came up with. 10 fonts, 9 staples, 8 buttons, 7 flowers, 6 papers, 5 photos, 4 leaf branches, 3 paint elements, 2 frames & 1 alpha. I really like my LO. :)

I have been busy scrapping too - I guess it is one way I deal with stress. Though I did find out this week that I have potentially hit a bit of a scrapping wall. Good timing since we're going on a vacay this weekend.

I just love this last one! Can you believe that photo? The whole family was riding the Ferris wheel & J was busy helping little J, so if I wanted a photo I just had to take it myself.

And if you're around this weekend - you don't want to miss this! I would soo be there - a sale, speed scrapping galore & a chat! Just click on the image - it'll take you right to the forums. Oh, & there will be a blog train too! Look for it Saturday AM starting here.